Referendum TV is now Broadcasting Scotland

Referendum TV has changed to Broadcasting Scotland and we intend to be the broadcaster Scotland needs. All the Referendum TV programmes will still be here to watch and if any major referendums come up again we will look at delivering programmes on this channel once more.

We intend to be the broadcaster everyone in Scotland wants bringing a wide range of programmes with something for the whole family. We are already working on plans for children’s programmes, nature, countryside and farming programmes and cookery and lifestyle programmes. We plan to create a schedule which will include entertainment shows, drama, documentary, music, comedy as well as current affairs and politics.

We have had to revise our business plan and put off satellite broadcasting until we are able to become more established, however, we have started to implement plans which will enable us to broadcast as an IPTV channel with a range of live and on-demand programming. We plan to become is a Scottish broadcaster, producing a wide range of programmes for all audiences in Scotland, showing Scotland through a Scottish Lens. We want to offer opportunities to programme makers and actors, so that they do not have to leave Scotland to advance their careers.

Broadcasting Scotland is getting ready to start broadcasting as a new Scottish TV channel, offering a wide range of programming, made in Scotland for Scotland. If you would like to support us, please use the donate button on the right and help us achieve our goals.


Referendum TV