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Debate: Yes or No, Should the Monarchy Go?

Scottish Independence: Monarchy or Republic? Tuesday 19th August 2014 Doors & registration at 7pm, events starts at 7.30pm. Teachers Building (Laphroaig Lecture Theatre), St Enoch Square, Glasgow, G1 4DB. There will be a 5-minute introductory address by Gary McLelland on behalf of Republic Scotland. After which the chairperson will take over. The chair will introduce […]

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Referendum TV Live 10/08 – The Missing Show

Tonight we are playing out the missing programme from the 10th of August which was unable to go out at that time. We have worked on the recording to make it playable and as it was a very interesting show, we thought we would play it out now. Stephen Paton and Iain MacWhirter chat to […]

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Yes Public Meeting in West Kilbride

Yes Public Meeting in West Kilbride July 15, 2014 at 7:30pm – 9pm with Blair Jenkins, Dr Philippa Whitford & Ruth Wishart Blair Jenkins, Dr Philippa Whitford (Consultant Surgeon & Women for Independence) & Ruth Wishart (Journalist & Broadcaster) will each speak for up to 10 minutes before answering questions from the floor. Local resident, […]

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