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Broadcasting Scotland is moving forward. We have been developing new programme ideas and we are making plans for series of pilots for new shows We have had to revise our business plan and put off satellite broadcasting until we are able to become more established, however, we have started to implement plans which will enable us to broadcast as an IPTV channel with a range of live and on-demand programming.

Scotland needs independent media outlets to guarantee a fair and democratic society and we believe that Broadcasting Scotland has an important part to play in shaping Scotland’s future. Our business plan is designed to create a sustainable business model for a not for profit charitable company. We are grateful for all the donations we have received. We have already invested in equipment and technology to enable us to create and broadcast the type of programmes Scottish viewers want to see, but more investment is still needed to enable us to put our plans into action. Your support is essential to keep us moving forward. towards our goal of becoming Scotland’s Broadcaster.

Scotland needs a Scottish broadcaster, producing a wide range of programmes for all audiences in Scotland, showing Scotland through a Scottish Lens. We need opportunities for programme makers and actors in Scotland, so that they do not have to leave to advance their careers. It should be possible to make quality programmes in Scotland and not cast the leading roles or recruit production staff in London.

Broadcasting Scotland plans to reach out to everyone in Scotland with fair and balanced programming. We plan to put on a wide range of programmes with something for the whole family. We are already working on plans for children’s programmes, nature, countryside and farming programmes and cookery and lifestyle programmes. We plan to create a schedule which will include entertainment shows, drama, documentary, music, comedy as well as current affairs and politics. We will create programmes for a modern, confident, outward looking nation, programmes for everyone in Scotland and build an audience who will trust our output for its quality, veracity and fairness.

If you would like to donate to Broadcasting Scotland, please use the donate button on the right and help us achieve our goals.


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