Referendum TV Sustainable Funding Poll

We are trying to assess the best model for sustainable funding for the future of Referendum TV. Please give us your opinion about the model in our Referendum TV Sustainable Funding Poll.

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start_date 22-09-2014 16:00:00
end_date 23-09-2014 23:59:59
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We are considering the future of Referendum TV. We have a new name for the channel which we will be announcing soon and we want to ensure that our business model is sustainable and we want to ensure that everyone has access. What is your opinion of the best way forward. A voluntary subscription scheme allows people to chose to pay but requires trust between both channel and the viewer. Advertising adds the cost of an advertising sales team and interupts programmes but can be successful in the right economic climate. A paywall or pay-to-view restricts access to only those who have paid but may limit the number of viewers. Which option would you prefer

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